Crew and Passengers of the “Smiling Skies Fliers” airship The Jubilant (whom the party saved from skyjackers):

  • Captain Gabrien Gisthel — Human Man; calm but authoritative, 30.
  • First Mate Mr. Juhn Carpenter — Human Man; 22.
  • Master at Arms Brood Borebit — Dwarven Man; veteran of The Naddium Incursion Wars, 116.
  • Steward Mr. Sable — Halfling Man; 67.
  • Steward Mr. Belvedem — Human Man; 26.
  • Barman Tacker McBride — Human Man; Host of The Overlook tavern aboard Jubilant, 29.
  • Misses Trin, Frey, Opal, Nidge, and Pell — Young Human serving girls and maids.
  • 20 Able Airmen.
  • His Lordship Alistadt Crimwall — Human Man; Pacht nobleman, 28.
  • Her Ladyship Marsa Crimwall — Human Woman; Pacht noblewoman, 16.
    • Billem — Human Boy; 3.
  • The Honorable Crucian Leeward — Human Man; High Court judge in Pacht, nobleman, 49.
  • Master Frask Undbutter — Human Man; Innkeeper of The Sleeping Tabby in Pacht, 32.
  • Mistress Ursa Undbutter — Human Woman; formerly of lesser nobility, 33.
    • Deatrice Undbutter — Human Girl; 10.
    • Detty Undbutter — Human Girl; 7.
  • Master Dill Greenskeep — Human Man; Horse merchant of Pacht, uncle to Sandri.
    • Mistress Sandri Greenskeep — Human Woman; niece of Dill, 16.
  • Sister Jalie Chalotte — Half-Elven Woman; Siresalm native, Nun in the Church of the Sanctum Sanctorum, 70.
  • Nud, Nim, Nor, Nax, Nil, and Nuf Nibblenaw — Gnomish brothers; travelers from the East.
  • Eristallus Celestrian — Elven Man; artist and jeweler, shopkeeper in the Elven Quarter of Pacht, 215.
  • 15 Grateful Steerage Passengers.
  • “The Ambassador” — an unknown passenger wanted by the skyjackers.


The Watchmakers’ Guild:

  • Master Kulver Klein — Human Man; owner of Klein’s Clocks in the Hillbottom region of Pacht, elder member of The Watchmakers’ Guild, Chronomancer, possesses many government contacts, 65.
  • Master Finniad of Quyrric — Human Man; elder member and president of The Watchmakers’ Guild, Chronomancer, 88.
  • Master Durvis Adrad — Human Man; elder member of The Watchmakers’ Guild, Chronomancer, 47.
  • Master Deferendus Durbleman — Gnomish Man; elder member of The Watchmakers’ Guild, Chronomancer, 311.

Haelmgood Embassy:

  • Sergeant Prate — Human Man; Haelmgood Army regular, slow but loyal, 29.


At the Parade:

  • Toddler (and Family) — Human Boy: Hillbottom peasant, rescued by Samael Thrushton III from being crushed by a team of horses, 3.

Canal District:

  • Marabell (and Family) — Human Girl; poor, trinket collector, fell while exploring sewer, Miched Sanel Dufraine rescued her from underground excavators, 13.



  • Phillipe (and Family) — Human Boy; torchbearer, healed from near-death after Fyrefly attack by Vadran, priest of Fyros, some scars remain, 12.
  • Poleman — Human Man; skiff-captain who was tipped well and who learned how to make a fortune catching dangerous Sea Urchins, 21.


Northern Diplomats (falsely accused of spying and helped to escape Pacht):

  • Count Agarande — Human Man; Kinscold nobleman and royal ambassador, haughty but chivalrous, 51.
  • Count Forma — Human Man: Atarach nobleman and royal ambassador, 39.
  • Baron Sarsom — Human Man; Kinscold nobleman and royal ambassador, 48.
  • Lord Furl — Human Man: Atarach nobleman and royal ambassador, 32.
  • Sir Raygall — Half-Elven Man; Kinscold nobleman and knight of the realm, 29.
  • 5 Proud Squires.
  • 10 Thankful Scribes and Butlers.

The Tinkers Thieves’ Guild:

  • Wim Bixle — Human Man; a.k.a. Bixle the Branded (slave tattoo on cheek), former slave in Naddium and good friend of Miched, boss of The Tinkers Thieves’ Guild in Hillbottom District of Pacht, brash, natural leader, friendly to those who earn his trust, 27.
  • Jarel LaFain — Human Man; former slave in Naddium and good friend of Miched, slave brand on cheek, quiet thinker, somewhat cowardly, 24.
  • Stal Drudger — Human Man; former slave in Naddium and good friend of Miched, stupid, thuggish, and cruel to all but his close companions to whom he has a loyal streak, much to his own disgust, 28.
  • Joff Gesthan — Human Man; former slave in Naddium and good friend of Miched, loudmouth and careless, unlucky, 26.
  • Sirk the Mute — Human Man; former slave in Naddium and good friend of Miched, smiling opportunist and excellent pickpocket, 30.
  • Fisto (pseudonym) — Human Man; lower-ranking thieves’ guild member and regular patron at the Red Griffon Pub, blabbermouth when drunk, cowardly in the extreme, 42.
  • Bartender Finn — Half-Elven Man; paid informant of The Tinkers, tends the Balcony Bar overlooking Half Moon Keep on Castle Hill, knows a lot about comings and goings at the castle and in Manorton, his Thieves’ Cant is rusty, 47.


The Rust Heap Rescuers

  • Soldiers-turned-Mercenaries — 40 Human Men; bored soldiers of Pacht who crept away from their post for a day of adventure, glory, and coin, led by Hasnim, 20 (survived), 20 (killed by orcs).
  • Captain Awan’s “Escort” Troops — 9 Human Men; undaunted professional soldiers of mountainous Atarach, temporarily commanded by Samael, kept alive during the Rust Heap raid by his leadership, their own skill, and Vadran’s healing.
  • Lurdle’s Umbrook Defense Force — 50 Halfling Men; para-military unit from peaceful Umbrook with a cowardly streak, led by Lurdle, inspired to bold action by Miched’s oratory, 43 (survived), 7 (killed by orcs).


Haelmgood Embassy

  • Colonel Odolphus Griest — Human Man; a larger-than-life officer used to having his say, pushed into odd-jobs for the army thanks to his brazen honesty and lack of connections, Dolph nevertheless manages to excel at any task, temporary commander of the Embassy through the Midsummer Festival, 43.


Rescue at Hat-in-Hand Boatwrights

  • The Elite Adventurers — a high-powered party of swords-for-hire, employed by Vadran to rescue his captive friends, they provided a distraction in the form of bloody slaughter while Samael, Hasnim, and Haldis broke free of their watery trap.

Gildengate Mansion

  • Margravene Tessy Hallowday — Human Woman; Pacht noblewoman, owner of Gildengate mansion on Overlook Hill who was held captive by low men hired by Gray Lord Ravenix to dig a path into the buried Fort Overlook beneath her house, rescued by Miched Sanel Dufraine and company, she never set foot in the building again, 71.


Gildengate Mansion

  • Captain Alets — Human Man; humble Ruby Knight sent personally by The Hand of the Viceroy to guard Gildengate and everything beneath it, though he does not know exactly why, 25.


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