Skyjackers aboard the airship The Jubilant:

  • Dole deVessenti — Human Man; Vesseret native, leader of the skyjackers, 25 (killed in combat).
  • Zepold Krieng — Human Man; notorious criminal wizard of Kinscold, 55 (prisoner in Pacht).
  • Erb — Human Man; local thug and sword-for-hire in Pacht, 21 (killed in combat).
  • Shaum — Human Man; local thug and sword-for-hire in Pacht, 26 (prisoner in Pacht).
  • Afe, Bub, Dun, Fim, Gade, Hussel, and Yob — Human sky-sailors turned pirates (killed in combat).
  • Cul, Ej, Hanny, Jekk, and Landa — Human sky-sailors turned pirates (prisoners in Pacht).


The Aerodome:

  • The Man in the Black Mask — Unknown; cloaked thief who knocked out a guard, stole a ledger of names, and burned it before escaping to the rooftops of Pacht, possibly from Gablen, ? (escaped).


Haelmgood Embassy:

  • 1st Lieutenant Stene Drummond — Human Man; Haelmgood Army, second in command of the Haelmgood Embassy in Pacht, rival of Samael Thrushton III,schemer and back-room trader, pit-fight coordinator, possible criminal, 24.


The Dig Site:

  • The Excavators — 19 Human and Half-Elven Men; hired by unknown parties to dig up a buried tower beneath the Canal District, (6 killed single-handedly by Samael Thrushton III, 13 escaped?).


The Dig Site:

  • Gray Lord Ravenix — Gray Elven Man; noble title from the East, possibly a Chronomancer, black hair and beard, wears many jewels and a cloak of white and black feathers, possesses a magic staff, 662.
  • Dame Sivilindus — Dark Elven Woman; a.k.a. “Sivil”, seductively beautiful, bears a scimitar, missing left arm, 405.


Ravenix’s Letter:

  • The Dire Kings — Unknown; “Long Live the Dire Kings!” wrote the Gray Lord in closing. Was one of these the Master to which he addressed the note?
  • The Five Infernals — Unknown; “If I may have the services of The Five Infernals, I shall make swift work of these (interlopers) and the people of this wretched place (Pacht).” Why does Gray Lord Ravenix fear dealing with the group on his own? And who are these mysterious five?


Attack at The Sleeping Tabby

  • Bowlan McCoal — Dwarven Man; brash and loud-mouthed, wears specially-made boilerplate armor and wields a huge ball and chain, 241 (slain by Miched and Samael).
  • The Fisfen Mercenaries — Human; a gang of nine hired killers who prefer ambush tactics and collateral damage, (three killed in combat, five ran away, one by the name of Boc magically charmed by Haldis the Sage).


The Canal District

  • The Water Cult — a mob of destitute citizens of Pacht, led astray by trickery and treasure thanks to the manipulations of foolish fanatics and deceitful priestesses of Agraghal, numbering somewhere in the upper-hundreds to lower-thousands.


The Rescue at Gildengate

  • The Gray Lord’s Low Men — 20 criminals paid by Ravenix to invade and secure Gildengate mansion, imprison Margrave Tessy Hallowday, the owner, and dig a path to The Seal of Surzil hidden within the buried Fort Overlook below her home, (14 slain, 6 surrendered).


The Battle at The Old Waterworks

  • The Daughter — Human Woman; an evil priestess of Essasae who sought to raise the Gargantuan known as Graygle, tricked the lower members of The Water Cult into worshiping this false god, tried to use a magical storm to spread the fires throughout the city in her rage, 30 (slain).
  • Three Bodyguards — Human Men; well-trained warriors who served The Daughter, survived the bombing and collapse of The Old Waterworks only to fight The Defenders of Pacht, (2 slain, 1 drowned in mud magically created by his mistress).


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