Saerin — The Human Goddess of Peace and Love (L/G).

Names: The Goddess of Peace and Love, Divine Arbiter, Lady of Grace, Queen Saerin, Regna Saerin (Dwarven), Saer-sai’aliaran (Elven).
Symbols: a vertical line circumscribed by a white circle, a white staff crowned with an upright circle, a silhouette of a kneeling woman with hands folded in prayer, a thin white veil covering one’s face.
Common Prayer: “Goddess, protect us!”
Ethos: “Harm no living thing. To wound another is to wound yourself. To kill is to die. Be a shield to those without. Be true to the One within. Love all who need love. Heal the hurts of this world and walk on the path of peace.” — The Benediction of Saint Ursel of Umbrook.
The Church: The Church of Saerin is a popular and influential one, even holding a measure of power, despite its tendencies toward charity and humility. Houses of the Goddess serve as both halls of worship and hospitals, and many chapels also run boarding homes and orphanages when patrons can be found to support the cause. Higher ranking clergy offer their services as guileless ambassadors and arbiters, though the church is careful in whom it selects for such posts. One poorly-given diatribe on non-violence might anger more than it soothes, and the clergy must avoid seeming politically-minded to protect their objective reputations.
Major Holy Days: All Saint’s Day, Armistice Day, New Year’s Day.
Priests of Saerin: Acolytes and priests in service to the church tend to dress in white garments day-to-day, though this is not required. More formal occasions compel white robes, caps, sashes of rank, belts, and a gauzy white veil worn over the face. White gloves are sometimes also worn for certain ceremonies wherein holy relics are handled, of which the Church of Saerin has few. Acolytes who take their vows become Monks/Nuns or Brothers/Sisters, and from there may rise to the title of Minister, Pastor, Priest/Priestess, Elder, Judge, Bishop, Archbishop, or Cardinal. A council of Cardinals directs the church. There is no single leader, as this is forbidden by church law.
Clerical Requirements: Priests of The Goddess must be true of heart and wise. Only good-aligned folk with Wisdom scores of at least 9 have the potential to draw from Saerin’s divine power as clerics. A period of service to the church, followed by a ritual ceremony and vows of non-violence, poverty, and humility must be taken.
Weapons Allowed: Man-catchers, nets, quarterstaves, and other non-lethal tools are permitted, as are things like sleeping droughts or saps. Priests of Saerin are forbidden from causing harm beyond incapacitation, even if their own lives are at stake.
Spells Allowed:

  • Major Access: All, Animal, Astral, Charm, Creation, Divination, Guardian, Healing, Necromantic, Protection, Summoning, Sun.
  • Minor Access: Weather.
  • Denied Spheres: Combat, Elemental, Plant.

Granted Powers:

  • Word of Peace: Instead of the ability to Turn Undead, clerics of Saerin may utter a Word of Peace once per encounter. Any living creature able to understand the Word automatically treats the cleric as though they had a -4 bonus to their encounter roll for 1 round per cleric level. After that time has expired, those affected may revert back to their original behavior or may change their minds about the cleric at the DM’s discretion (depending on the actions of the cleric and his party). In some cases, a new encounter roll may be appropriate. Creatures with at least an Intelligence of 13 or with 6 Hit Dice or more who wish to resist the power of the Word are entitled to a saving throw vs. spell, adjusted for Wisdom.


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