The East

  • Celebria — Where grassland gives way to rolling hills and pockets of living desert, the Humans of Celebria build their busy Sheikdoms. Inventive and optimistic, the Celbrians thrive in a culture of tolerance and peace, despite their warlike neighbors, the Naddium Empire. Facing constant incursion from these and the strange denizens of both The Irewood and The Steppe, the Sheiks ply the skies in airship armadas, fighting where they must and trading where they can.
  • Elfallow — This great and magical island of the Elves lies deep in the Eastern Seas, far from the mainland. Relinquishing their claim to the Irewood at the conclusion of the First-Fallen War, the vast majority of Elvenkind entered into self-exile across the waves. Over the millennia, the fair folk have nurtured this melancholy refuge into a green and worthy home. Few non-elves have laid eyes upon the isle of Elfallow, but those who have (and returned to tell) call it a paradise, full of secrets best left to the ancient race that dwells there.
  • Gablen — Hemmed in by barbarians, monsters, an empire, and The Irewood, the tiny country of Gablen long ago chose isolation over inevitable conquest. By means unknown to the rest of the world, they draped their stronghold-cities in vast, tented domes and stone-arched roofs, protecting them with fleets of airships and merciless, cloaked guardians. Those who cross the outer borders of Gablen are silently warned away by stalwart figures covered head-to-foot in brightly colored cloth. The few natives who venture out upon the world do so masked and robed, and they do not speak of what lies beneath or their reasoning.
  • Jatre — It is said that the Jatren seek battle with any who would fight them simply to keep themselves warm. The Barbarian Kings have mastered these unforgiving climes by sheer force of will and physical might. Like the barren crags that crown their villages, they are a brutal lot, with stares as cold as the frozen seas in which they sail. Ice and death are sure things here.
  • Luthe — This jagged peninsula is split in two by difficult highlands, steeply dropping on every side to the white-sand beaches of the sea. The land is a challenge. Some terraced farms and lumber villages are here, but the heart of Luthe is on the waves. Great city-ships built in ages past and held together by old magics crest the ocean’s horizon, well beyond the breakers and the land-walkers who might march to claim their riches. Wonders, they are, for many thousands live the whole of their lives upon them, never setting foot on land as others know it. Sailors without peer, the Captains of Luthe lead their living vessels around the world in search of trade and adventure.
  • Naddium — Some call it the New Empire and speak of glory. Others call it Death and pray to never see the crimson banners of Naddium. Carved out of southern tracts of the deadly Irewood with steel and blood over the course of a century, this proud, new kingdom of Citizens and slaves seeks nothing less than domination over all the known world. Naddium armies expand the borders, building great and ordered cities behind a bulwark of well-armed forts. Their engines of war have cracked many defenses already, and lesser peoples deserve no quarter.
  • Rutherum — The Dwarven mountains of the North house the hidden kingdoms of the Underlords. The Stone Thrones sit deep within a never-ending labyrinth of carved halls, sparkling mines, and sealed crypts, where the brave seek honor in battle against the hordes of unnameable, abyssal things that lurk below. The monolithic doors of the Sunless Hollows are guarded on the surface by the rocky castle-cities of Rutherum and dire armies of vigilant Dwarf-kin.
  • Talthron — In the legendary past there was a Great Alliance of peoples who fought against the rising darkness. These stood bravely under the bright banners of the Lum Imperium who made their capitols here in Talthron. War came. The Alliance lost, and the cities fell to ruin. Now, centuries later, Dragons make their dens within the crumbling graveyard of ancient greatness, claiming lordship over the beleaguered few who remain.

The West

  • Atarach — This rocky kingdom of waterfalls, high cliffs, and treacherous passes is bound by the spine of the Wayless Mountains in the North and the River Katrax in the South. The War-kings protect the High Keeps from atop walls both ancient and strong. They watch the world from their impregnable perches, eyes sharpened by wind and hearts made hard by time.
  • Bonsward — On the balmy, southern coast of The Steppe lies Bonsward, a land of warmth and pride. Many journey to the colorful cities by the sea to ease troubled minds and rest, and the hospitality of this country is well-known. The Dons rule old and intermingled noble families with a casual grace and leave the lesser folk to their repose. But anger not the knights of Bonsward, for their wrath is slow in both coming and going.
  • Direforn — In the hills north of the Wayless Mountains and beyond what most Westerners would call civilization sits a country vast and brutal. Filling the space between the living world and the lifeless White Wastes is Direforn; a cold and wicked land roamed by black-hearted men. Deep in the ruins of a lost empire, they wait with inhuman patience for their long winter to end, for they are ready to march South once more.
  • Fisfen — This decadent and ancient kingdom squats at the eastern edge of the Great Swamps, which some name The Uncrossables. The clannish, backward peoples who dwell deep in the marshes must seem mad to outsiders, for their hovels and palaces sit atop stinking pits of steaming morass while clouds of biting things harry them without pause. Still, they cling to the old ways and keep their own counsel, for dark secrets stir beneath Fisfen’s black mire.
  • Haelmgood — Fertile tracts of rain-swept soil tucked between prominent, iron-laden hills make the feudal kingdom of Haelmgood a rich kingdom indeed. Whitewashed castles dot the landscape, crowned by high towers and bright banners of the lordly men who dwell within. Chivalry and honor drive the noble families to both greatness and shame, while the bards make songs of each. The land provides much when steel-clad knights leave it untrod. But war, both civil and not, mars the brilliance of this Gem of the West.
  • Kinscold — Lashed by storm and cloaked in thick carpets of snow, the dreary realm of the Gray Kings seems a hard and lonely place. Trapped by terrain and tradition, the people of Kinscold eek out a living from the black rock while their lords surround themselves with treasure won by guile and poison. The stain upon the old honor of this place does not keep them from their vigil, for they must watch northward for the return of Direforn armies who once brought the West near to its final doom.
  • Marethea — Vast plateaus and grassy plains stretch for leagues upon leagues between East and West. This is The Steppe, and it is home to the Horse-People of Marethea. Tribal kings claim hunting grounds for a season before their wandering ways take them to greener pastures and conflict with their neighbors. Tribes grow but game dwindles, and only war can prove who is worthy to survive the hard winters of this arid range. But there are other things that hunt in the tall grasses, and not all of these fear the hoof-beats of the Maned Crowns.
  • Quyrric — With the stones of the Wayless Mountains to her North, the water of the Median Sea to her South, peaceful Umbrook to her West, and the wild Steppe to her East, the strange country named Quyrric stands upon mystic ground. Thick wilderness tells of a realm untouched by mortal men, though some have crossed through this odd place and lived. They whisper of a secretive society led by Wizard-Kings. Cities made of magic are peopled by a mix of creatures that others might slay without thought, but who here are embraced as brothers. The natives of this place trade in rare coin and strange stock, and they seek ancient knowledge to take back to their silent masters.
  • Siresalm — Powerful Siresalm is a rich land ruled by The Church of the Sanctum Sanctorum, whose divine aim is to spread the will and truth of the Heavenly Pantheon to all peoples. High priests pass down infallible commands to the Holy Knights and their zealous armies while toiling serfs obey without question. Arcane magic is forbidden here, or so they claim. Legendary Paladins lead the Great Crusade against the southern threat from Wythwright, vowing to protect even their unbelieving neighbor kingdoms from the dark sins of that unspeakable waste. It is an Empire of the Soul, and one day, the world will see its light.
  • Umbrook — Tucked away between the River Katrax and the Median Sea, this poor, pastoral land is the ancestral home of halflings and other peaceable folk. Beset on all sides by strong monarchs, the loose confederacy of village mayors who steward Umbrook keep it safe by keeping quiet. Peace is a valuable commodity, after all. Unfortunately for the Brookmen, it’s the only one they have.
  • Vesseret — The southern half of the Seabound Peninsula is called Vesseret. Masters of trade and intrigue, Merchant Princes rule this land with power born of gold and secrets. The game of factions, families, and city-states at odds with one another is one only a native might hope to understand, let alone win, and even they have trouble picking strands of truth out of liar’s fields. While their great, laden ships plough both sea and sky, the true money is made in whispers.
  • Wythwright — Where the southern sun blazes strongest marks the border of this dry swath of sand, rock, and bone. Sea winds bring no rain to Wythwright, for it is a wicked place trodden by outcasts and monsters. Walled in by the vigilance of Siresalm to the North, denizens of Wythwright must survive this place of exile, where only might and cunning keep you alive. There is some semblance of civilization at the fringe of the desert, but the outlaws that dub themselves Masters here are as vile as any beast hunting the dunes.


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