…of the Free-City of Pacht:

The Adventurers’ Guild — a young association that caters to those who seek high-risk, high-pay work. Members gain access to the hiring hall, guild rooms, magic shops, and guild-exclusive jobs.

The Printmakers’ Guild — a brand new guild made up of the two printing houses in Pacht. Though rivals, they recognize the need to establish themselves as legitimate businesses in the face of opposition from The Town Criers who dislike their “weeklies.” These newspapers threaten to undermine that guild’s monopoly over the telling of news.

The Tinkers — one of the local thieves’ guilds, originally founded by a wandering tinsmith (now retired). Not the largest or the most violent organization, they tend to stay out of trouble with the City Watch. Based in Hillbottom, The Tinkers make their living as informants, smugglers, and burglars, though some moonlight as barmen. Their spy network is managed by these, and their passwords all tend to revolve around rare drinks like “Blue Rum.” Boss: Bixle the Branded.

The Town Criers’ Guild — a group of proud and talented shouters who had exclusive rights to deliver the Viceroy’s news up until recently when The Printmakers’ Guild crept into the business. Bound in oaths of truth and long traditions, the guild is supported by the populace at large. They hold a great deal of sway in the city, often serving as messengers and mail-carriers in addition to their official duties.

The Watchmakers’ Guild — small guild of mechanical specialists and skilled tinkerers. Known for their engineering skills. Only a few are aware that their elder guildsmen are also Chronomancers. President: Master Finniad of Quyrric.


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