Essasae — Goddess of the Sea (C/E).

Names: Blood-Daughter of Origin, Formless One, The Great Enemy, Mother of Pain, Queen of Lies, Lady of Endless Shadow.
Symbols: a red wave pictogram (often drawn in blood, forbidden in many lands).
Common Prayer: “Mother, see us not.”
The Church:
Major Holy Days:
Priests of Essasae:
Clerical Requirements: Priests of this foul goddess must be neutral evil or chaotic evil. They must have a Wisdom score of at least 9 when they begin their service to Essasae, though it is known that madness sometimes overtakes them later in their careers. Murder of an innocent is believed to be one of the Queen’s rites of entry into her church, but the clergy is so secretive that this cannot be confirmed, however likely.
Weapons Allowed: Clerics of Essasae must use tridents, harpoons, spears, javelins, knives, daggers, whips, or scourges when meting out The Sea Queen’s revenge.
Spells Allowed:

  • Major Access: All, Animal, Astral, Charm, Combat, Creation, Divination, Elemental, Necromantic, Plant, Summoning, Weather.
  • Minor Access: Protection.
  • Denied Spheres: Guardian, Healing, Sun.

Granted Powers:


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