• Orkish Taskmaster — (Orc) Torn from another time, this whip-wielding brute forced Impling slaves to torch buildings or face the lash.
  • Impling Slaves — (Kobolds) These pitiful creatures were once part of a great army of monsters that razed Pacht to the ground, but came through a hole in time. Hasnim ebn Alzi ebn Is’a of the Fallen Moon Tribe freed one and named him Fahage.


  • Memory Moss — (Obliviax) This intelligent, black, immobile colony stole a day’s worth of memories from Hasnim and Vadran before Miched Sanel Dufraine’s crossbow finished the rest from afar. Vadran managed to dig one up alive after it had eaten.
  • Thorny Dogs — (Thornies) Three vicious plant-dogs tried their best to protect their nesting ground, but met quick ends by the hands of wary adventurers.


  • Burning Flies — (Fyreflies) A swarm of bulbous, flaming flies scented blood in the catacombs and sewers beneath the Canal District. While Samael bent bars and lowered a portcullis to funnel them to a choke-point, Hasnim jury-rigged a gunpowder bomb and decimated these fire-loving bugs.
  • Canal Urchins — (Sea Urchins) Black, green, red, yellow, and silver creatures in the filthy city waters might have proved deadly, but cleverness and some awl pikes won both wealth and dinner without a scratch.


  • Mountain Copperheads — (Poisonous Snakes) A box of angry serpents released by the one-armed Dark Elf woman might have killed Haldis the Sage after a single bite, if not for a nearby antidote. Hasnim’s calming gestures lessened the threat. Vadran trapped one in his cloak.


  • The Rust Heap Orcs — (Orcs) Occupying a fortress on a small island in Lake Katrax, these fierce raiders were responsible for the kidnapping of Sister Beatrine of the Church of Saerin. Though the ransom was paid (twice), they did not return her, leading the Sisters of that faith to employ Hasnim ebn Alzi ebn Is’a of the Fallen Moon Tribe in a quest to rescue her. He and his companions led local soldiers on a daring raid through deep tunnels and into the tall fortress made of gathered debris, which burnt to ash during the course of the successful counter-raid. Their chief, shaman, and elite shock troops slain, the remaining stragglers were left ineffective as a fighting force.


  • Rabid Boar — (Wild Boar) Just outside Sansreeve village, the road cut through a wood where a rabid boar wrought havoc on the wildlife and farm animals. Hasnim of the Fallen Moon Tribe took this creature by himself, fulfilling part of the riddle-quest related to The Crying Gods Smile.


  • Summoned Canal Rats — (Giant Rats) Magically summoned by The Daughter, high priestess of Essasae, at the battle in the fallen rubble of The Old Waterworks, these vicious, disease-ridden creatures stood no chance against the blades of Hasnim, Miched, and Samael, nor the fiery magic of Haldis the Sage.


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