This is the Age of Air, where flying ships, fortresses, and even cities fill the skies. Trade, communication, and war changed dramatically after the invention of the magical Sky Crystals, which elevate massive amounts of weight into the air, making them capable of flight. For many decades, traditional sea-faring ships and canvas sailcloth set the standard of airship design. But now, graceful crystalline gliders, black stone castles, and steaming iron machines drift among the clouds as a symbols of modern magic.

Sky Crystals: Made from rare and expensive corundum gemstones, these magically treated contrivances have truly magnificent properties. When attached to any inanimate object, a command can be given that causes the crystal to latch on, sending minute, glassy shards spreading throughout the material of the thing like nearly invisible roots. Once a Sky Crystal takes hold, it can be compelled to rise, making the weight of whatever it is bound to seem as nothing. And thus, airships are made possible.

Airship Crews: Once aloft, it is sailcloth, steam engine, sweat, and magic that make the weightless craft able to move. And it takes strong backs and sharp eyes to manage these cumbersome machines of locomotion. Seamen have their role at the ropes, as do engineers, navigators, and men at arms, for it is true that pirates roam the skies. Captaincy of an airship is a high honor, for the wealth that hangs upon the survival of such a vessel is great indeed. These able and brave souls can be found for hire at the well-guarded Skyports of larger cities, though wise owners seek out the best wherever they might be found.

What follows is a brief list of the more common airships, though certainly not a comprehensive one. Entrepreneurs who wish a real challenge might want to try their hand at Airship Construction.


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