Robe of Useful Items


This appears to be an unremarkable item of apparel, but a wizard who dons it will note that it is adorned with small cloth patches of various shapes. Only the wearer of the robe can see, recognize, and detach these patches. One patch can be detached each round. Detaching a patch causes it to become an actual item, as indicated below. A robe of useful items always begins with two each of the following patches:

  • dagger
  • lantern (filled and lit)
  • mirror (large)
  • pole (10-foot length)
  • rope (50-foot coil)
  • sack (large)

In addition, the robe will have 4d4 items which must be diced for. Roll 4d4 to
determine how many additional items a robe has and then percentile dice to determine
specific items:

D100 Roll Result
01-08 Bag of 100 gold pieces
09-15 Coffer (_’ x _’ x 1’), silver (500 gp value)
16-22 Door, iron (up to 10 feet wide and 10 feet high and barred on 1 side—must be placed upright, will attach and hinge itself)
23-30 Gems, 10 of 100 gp value each
31-44 Ladder, wooden (24 feet long)
45-51 Mule (with saddle bags)
52-59 Pit (10 cubic feet), open
60-68 Potion of extra healing
69-75 Rowboat (12 feet long)
76-83 Scroll of one randomly determined spell
84-90 War dogs, pair
91-96 Window (2 feet by 4 feet—up to 2 feet deep)
97-00 Roll twice more

Multiple items of the same kind are permissible. Once removed, items are never


Robe of Useful Items

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