Miner's Lamp

A Long-Burning Lantern


Item Slot: None.
Aura: ?

A simple lamp, at first glance. This hooded lantern seems quite normal, save that its glass panes are etched with arcane writings. A small knob on one side seems to brighten the lamplight by unknown means.

Experimentation has shown the lamp has the following powers:

  • The knob can be used to change the light radius from 30 feet to 90 feet, and back again. This effect burns no additional oil.
  • One pint of oil burns 60 hours instead of the usual six.
  • Unlike normal lanterns, the flame cannot be extinguished if it is dropped or tipped over.
  • The Miner’s Lamp is extremely resilient and saves as a magic item when damaged.

An item once in the possession of The Excavators beneath the Canal District of Pacht, it was abandoned by those men after they trapped themselves at the dig site of Eerdred’s Tower and then fled into the sewers. The Lamp was the only light left burning when the adventurers returned the following day, despite the fact that it had been tipped over by an explosion of blasting powder.

Miner's Lamp

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