Chronometric Anchor

A Watch That Tells More Than Time


Item Slot: Neck or Waist
Aura: Alteration / Divination / Enchantment

This gold watch is set with looping engravings and a tiny ruby in its center which seems to glow when in the presence of chronomantic magic. When opened, the etched glass beneath protects a seven-handed timepiece of exquisite quality. The hands tell time with near-perfect precision, but they also serve as a compass of sorts, pointing the way to active temporal spells. Direction, intensity, and approximate distance can be discerned by a careful reading of the instrument.

Yet, the primary purpose of the Chronomantic Anchor is to protect the wearer’s memories from the actions of those who meddle with time. While he bears it, the magical watch allows him to retain the knowledge of past events as though they had not been changed. The bearer keeps his memories even while those around him suddenly have their thoughts replaced with a new history stemming from the point where the past was changed.

Unfortunately, the wearer of the Anchor will not have knowledge of the new history, nor will he know exactly what was done to cause it to be.


In the year 1341 of the New Reckoning, Nine Chronomantic Anchors were created by the four senior-most members of The Watchmakers’ Guild. These men of Pacht were, unbeknownst to most, dabblers in the forbidden art of Chronomancy. Operating in secret, the time-mages had to enlist the help of a band of five strangers to secure a valuable distillation of Obliviax, an alchemical ingredient necessary to complete the devices. They could not search for the so-called Memory Moss on their own, for it was rumored to have the ability to steal spells from the very mind of any who went near it, turning that power on intruders within its reach.

Chronometric Anchor

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