Samael Thrushton III

An arrogant, egotistical nobleman officer in the Haelmgood army.


RACE: Human
CLASS: Fighter

STR: 17
DEX: 10
CON: 16
INT: 13
WIS: 08
CHA: 18

AC: 5 (Chainmail Armor)
HP: 6

Longsword – #AT: 3/2 ATT: +2 DMG: +3 THAC0: 20
Ceremonial Rapier – #AT: 1 ATT: +1 DMG: +1 THACO0: 20

Paralyze/Poison: 14
Rod/Staff/Wand: 16
Petrify/Polymorph: 15
Breath Weapon: 17
Spells: 17

Weapon Proficiency: Longsword
Weapon Proficiency: Shortsword
Weapon Proficiency: Dagger
Weapon Specialization: Longsword

Non-Weapon Proficiency: Etiquette
Non-Weapon Proficiency: Heraldry
Non-Weapon Proficiency: Read/Write: Common (cross class, 2 slots)
Non-Weapon Proficiency: Riding, Land
Non-Weapon Proficiency: Hunting

Languages: Common


The third son of the Thrushton family, Samael was destined for the army at birth. His oldest brother Karl would become duke Thrushton one day, following in the footsteps of his father. The Middle brother, Franz, was already a priest, having taken his vows before Samuael was born.

His father paid for his commission, and Samael quickly learned that army life agreed with him. He rose through the ranks quickly at first, becoming a lieutenant at the age of 24. It was then that his penchant for the ladies struck his career a blow, for suspicions of his dalliance with the commander’s daughter reached that august personage, and though there was no proof, Samael’s career never recovered.

Now 36, he is one of the oldest Lieutenants in the Haelmgood army, and his lack of promotion is the least of his worries. He recently received orders to travel by airship to Pacht, and there to assist the captain commanding the imperial guardsmen who watch over the Haelmgood embassy. Pacht has long been known to be a place soldiers are sent when there is no hope of advancement, and Samael morosely contemplates a future wherein he never achieves the glory that should be rightfully his.

Samuael is arrogant and brash, though not a powdered fop who relies on his station. He is a large man, and though he is well muscled, he has developed a healthy appetite which leads to a rounding of the midsection. Though he is self-centered and ambitious, he is also a patriot, always putting the good of the service ahead of himself. He also has a keen sense of justice, and sees helping the weak and defenseless as part of his duty as an officer and a gentleman. He is quick to anger, but also quick to laugh, which he does frequently, even at his own admittedly poor jokes. His good nature often leads to him getting cheated by the less scrupulous, either by cards or confidence, and he finds it hard to hold on to his money during leave.

Samael travels with Devon Miller, who is his personal steward, and who has followed him since he was assigned to Samael when he became a Second Lieutenant. Devon is an elderly man, who is a veteran of several wars, and who tries his best to instill what knowledge he can into Samael.

Samael Thrushton III

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