Julion Serin

An assassin and herbalist from Fisfen


STR: 08
DEX: 16
CON: 09
INT: 17
WIS: 14
CHA: 10

Weapon Proficiencies:
Hand Crossbow

Non-weapon Proficiencies
Languages, Ancient
Languages, Modern

Julion Serin is fat, clever, and lacks any sort of physical ability whatsoever, though his hands are quick and nimble.


A mysterious figure from Fisfen, Julion Serin appeared at the gates of the Haelmgood embassy in Pacht and informed Samael that he had heard that the embassy was about to inquire about getting a master spy from Fisfen. He indicated that this would be a mistake, as there were no spies or assassins in all of Fisfen and to suggest there were would only upset people. Bemusedly, Samael crumpled the letter he was in the process of writing to the Fisfen government on that very subject and hired Serin on the spot.

Master Serin is blatently a spy for the Fisfen government, but he regularly assures Samael that “All reports are good so far.” and that he’s “only spying for my own government this time.”

Master Serin also serves as a trainer for the garrison, teaching them all of the things that the other trainers wish they never learned, such as poisoning, attacking from shadows, and how best to observe people who do not wished to be observed.

Unlike the other masters at the garrison, Serin is portly and dislikes physical labor. He typically refers to the others as “Ruffians.”

Julion Serin

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