Hasnim ebn Alzi ebn Is'a of the Fallen Moon Tribe

Hasnim is the last of his tribe. A good tracker and wilderness guide.


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Hasim was born under the sighn of the fallen star. The tribe elder fortold of him have both a cursed and gifted life. Confused by the elders meaning his parents named him Hasnim meaning he who walks both roads. Hasnim’s father taught him how to hunt and live in the baren desert that was their home. He taught young Hasnim how to handle wild animals as thought they were long time friends. Hasnims father Alzi ( meaning animal talker) was next in line to lead the tribe when Hasnims grandfather Is’a ( meaning fallen moon ) stepped down. Hasnim lived a good but hard life.

Untill one day when a decree was sent out by the ruler of the land. The moon tribe was to be eliminated for fear of a prophecy fortold by the rulers magi. The prophecy told of a warrior from the moon tribe that would come and take the rulers kingdom by force. So to keep this from happening the ruler sent hired killers to kil the moon tribe.

The hired killers didnt know there was two moon tribes. The moon tribe and the fallen moon tribe. So the poor fallen moon tribe was attacked in the night by accident.

Hasnim awoke to the sounds of battle and screams. Fear filled him as he creapt to the tent opening. Pulling aside the flap to view the horror that was happening. All around him his family and tribe were being masacered and violated. He didnt know what to do, so he sat there and watched as more and more of his people were killed. Finally his mothers scream broke him out of the trance. and he decided to do something or die trying.

He went to the small chest his grand father kept at the back of the tent and opened it. Inside was some old clothes and a few gems. Hasnim tossed these aside for under all this was rhe tribes most prized item. A scimatar called the crying god’s smile. An amazing weapon made from a metal not of this land. Hasnim stared at the great weapon for a few seconds then another scream filled the air. Hasnim reached down and grabed the sword………..

Hasnim awoke many hours later surounded by bodies and fires still burning. In his hand he still clutched the sacred sword. He could not remember what had happened after he grabed the sword. He spent the day searching for any one still alive but found no one, he was alone. Scared and alone he wondered the desert for a day before he collasped of exsaution. Time passed how much Hasnim didn’t know he awoke at an oasis and staring in to the eyes of a camel.

Looking around he could see the path in the sand which he had been dragged here. Looking around he found no one else at the oasis but himself and the camel. So he asumed the camel must have saved him. He named the camel A’kul ( meaning savior or guardian). To this day 10 years later he and A’kul are still together. They make a living beaing guides and tracker for those that will pay. Hasnim still caries the sword of his tribe but no black out or specail powers seem to happen or inhabit the sword.

Hasnim ebn Alzi ebn Is'a of the Fallen Moon Tribe

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