Edwin Mattheos

A warrior and arms master from Atarach


STR: 18(86)
DEX: 10
CON: 14
INT: 10
WIS: 09
CHA: 10

Weapon Proficiencies:
Longsword (Specialized)
Footman’s Mace

Non-weapon Proficiencies

A huge, powerfully built man who looks just as at home behind the hammer of a forge as he does wielding the axe and longsword he typically fights with.


Edwin Mattheos is a retired arms master who served for most of his life in the Atarach military. Like most warriors from Atarach, he excels in battle, and is proficient with a large range of weaponry. Edwin prefers to fight on foot as he doesn’t trust horses.

After serving forty-five years and reaching the rank of weapons-master, Edwin Mattheos retired and took up farming. What that really means is that he took up drinking and fighting in taverns after complaining endlessly that his crops weren’t cooperating and he’d “show them a thing or two.” As fine a fighter as he was, he was an equally terrible farmer, and eventually he gave up and began to travel, training noble brats in the use of the weapons he had mastered.

While giving yet another elder statesman’s son tips in not being a fool and killing yourself or your friends with a sword, he was given a letter that advised him that a haelmgood noble in Pacht was looking for a weapons master to train men in his garrison. While garrison duty wasn’t exactly what Mattheos was looking for, it was a damn sight better than dealing with children, so off he went.

Now he goes by “Master Mattheos” and he instructs members of Samuel’s garrison on the finer points of killing your opponent by any one of a variety of means, before he can kill you.

Edwin Mattheos

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