Game Ten:

Victory in Flames

Leaving the buried Fort Overlook under the protection of a captain of The Ruby Knights (though they know not why The Hand of the Viceroy sent him), the Defenders of Pacht think up plans for dealing with their enemy-of-the-moment, The Water Cult. With only days before the Summer Solstice and a score to settle, they choose to serve their dish of revenge as hot as humanly possible.

Buying up barrels and barrels of lamp oil (not to mention all the Greek Fire and Smoke Powder they can find) the party sets about constructing a surprise for the evil priestesses and their leader, The Daughter. Gathered together with their remaining undefiled altars in The Old Waterworks in the Canal District, the cultists suspect nothing when the charmed worshipper, Boc, obeys Haldis’s magically-enhanced suggestions and delivers barrels to the various supply rooms inside the tall structure. Once their mole is clear of the building, the real fun begins…

Hasnim, using a fire-arrow made by men who failed to kill him only days before, ignites the first barrel, which explodes so violently that the ancient ruin that is The Old Waterworks teeters on the point of collapse. When the second and third barrels blow, the citizens of Pacht experience pandemonium. Fire and blood. Explosion after explosion until the towering skeleton of dead industry starts to fall.

Acting quickly to remedy a situation beyond what was planned for, the party abandon their hiding places in the nearby warehouse and set themselves around the conflagration. Samael and Haldis the Sage take down a cracked pillar to direct the inevitable fall of The Waterworks. Miched tries his best to save the innocents in harm’s way. And Hasnim keeps the Cultist priests busy with arrows.

Soon enough, the building falls. Flame and dust and screams of final agony fill the air. Out of the rubble come only the strongest — elite bodyguards, now terribly injured, and The Daughter, high priestess of Essasae! The battle is on!

Summoning rats, storms, and turning the ground to mud beneath her foes, the witch proves formidable. But not immortal. Steel and spell sap the last of her unholy strength, and with her death, so too dies Essasae’s goal to resurrect the Gargantuan Graygle.


Now, the Canal District smolders, the fires causing more chaos than death, though some visiting foreign ships are damaged badly at the nearby docks. Many have died, but far less than might have if the Titan had been brought back to life on The Solstice. The Water Cult is effectively no more. Riots force The City Watch to close the bridges to the poorest and most desperate part of Pacht, but The Summer Festival is at hand, and the celebration must go on.

For much more than the outcome of peasant races and knightly tournaments is about to be decided in The Free-City. History is in motion, and time is not on the side of Good.



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