Character Creation and Prelude Game

Storms on the Horizon


Aboard The Jubilant, an Airship destined for the city of Pacht, the calm of pleasant travel is broken. A large band of skypirates posing as legitimate passengers ambush Jubilant’s crew and seize control, trapping officers and able airmen at dagger-point. But all is not lost.

The keen eyes and roguish instincts of Miched Sanel Dufraine, who has some small experience in the buccaneer’s trade, catch a glimpse of the mercenaries at work. He quietly gathers to him men at arms to free crewmen trapped in the dark recesses of the cargo hold below. Lieutenant Samael Thrushton III bravely confronts an armed troupe twice his number while his cabin-mate Hasnim ebn Alzi ebn I’sa brandishes swirling blades with such ferocity that most of the thieves choose surrender over a quick death.

The greater part of the foe wait above, beating officers and airmen in an attempt to root out knowledge of their true prize, a mysterious figure known as “The Ambassador.” To face them, Miched and his friends call upon Haldis the Sage and Vadran, priest of Fyros. This last brazenly steps into the Captain’s Galley past drawn crossbows to match wills with the wizard Zepold Krieng. A fight at two fronts ensues, but Dole deVessenti and his skypirates are thrown down.

Yet the question remains… who is “The Ambassador” and why were these marauders paid in new coins from the North?



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