A Classic, Second-Edition Dungeons & Dragons Campaign

“Then didst the Prophet of the Eastern Reach look to the skies. And he spoke to King Akel, saying, ‘Behold! The color of blood has touched the winds above us. Know, soon, that the clouds shall part and that ye, too, shall feel the Flame of Heaven. Art thou blameless? Nay! Nor I. But when we walk, henceforth, to meet our gods side by side, remember that it was no sin of my making, but one of thine, that brought down this Storm of Fire.’ And the sky did crack apart to spill forth the Judgment of the Just upon their heads. And the Prophet’s great work was ended.”

The Seer’s Bible, The Book of the East, Chapter 44, Verses 12-15.

The Land is Quiet

The most horrific era the world has ever seen, The Dark Age, has now passed into history. The Rebirth of Civilization has finally come to be. Enlightened minds have rediscovered lost arts. Great towers rise high above the ground. Airships fill the skies. There is a semblance of peace among those who treasure it. All seems well….

But an Old Evil stirs in the North. And the Firestorm draws breath to wreck the makings of mortal men.


Title2 FalseParadigm Kallak Eviltim Doombinger